Bhoi, D and Mandal, P and Choudhury, Pranab (2008) Resistivity saturation in PrFeAsO(1-x)F(y) superconductor: evidence of strong electron-phonon coupling. Superconductor Science & Technology, 21 (12). Article No: -125021. ISSN 0953-2048

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We have measured the resistivity of PrFeAsO(1-x)F(y) samples over a wide range of temperature in order to elucidate the role of electron-phonon interaction on normal- and superconducting-state properties. The linear T dependence of. above 170 K followed by a saturation-like behavior at higher temperature is a clear signature of strong electron-phonon coupling. From the analysis of the T dependence of., we have estimated several normal- state parameters that are useful for understanding the origin of superconductivity in this system. Our results suggest that Fe-based oxypnictides are phonon-mediated BCS superconductors like Chevrel phases and A15 compounds.

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Subjects: Electronics
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