Singh, Shiv Prakash and Pal, Karan and Tarafder, Anal and Hazra, Tarak and Karmakar, Basudeb (2010) Influence of SiO(2) and Al(2)O(3) Fillers on Thermal and Dielectric Properties of Barium Zinc Borate Glass Microcomposites for Barrier Rib of Plasma Display Panels (PDPs). Transactions of the Indian Ceramic Society, 69 (2). pp. 75-82. ISSN 0371-750X

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In a lead-free low temperature sinterable multicomponent barium zinc borate glass system, BaO-ZnO-B(2)O(3)- SiO(2)-Li(2)O-Na(2)O (BZBSLN), the influence of SiO(2) (amorphous) and Al(2)O(3) (crystalline, a-alumina) ceramic fillers on the softening point (T(s)), glass transition temperature (T(g)), coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), and dielectric constant (epsilon(r)) has been investigated with a view to its use as the barrier ribs of plasma display panels (PDPs). The interaction of fillers with glass which occurred during sintering at 570 degrees C has also been studied by XRD and FTIR spectroscopic analyses. It is observed that the filler has partially dissolved in the glass at the sintering temperature leaving some residual filler which results in ceramic-glass microcomposites. The distribution of fillers in the glass matrix and microstructures of the composites have been analyzed by SEM images. It has been seen that the T(s), T(g), CTE and epsilon(r) slightly increased with the increase of Al(2)O(3) content. In the case of SiO(2) filler, the T(s) and T(g) gradually, increased whereas CTE and epsilon(r) gradually decreased along with the addition or SiO(2). These experimentally measured properties have also been compared with the theoretically predicted values. Both the experimental and theoretical predictions of these properties with added filler contents have been found to be correlated very well. In consideration of the desired properties of barrier rib of PDPs with respect to use on PD200 glass substrates, the addition of Al(2)O(3) filler to BZBSLN glass has been found to be more preferable than SiO(2) filler.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Plasma display panel; Barium zinc borate glass; Ceramic filler; Thermal properties; Dielectric properties
Subjects: Glass
Divisions: Glass
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Date Deposited: 16 Feb 2012 07:50
Last Modified: 26 Mar 2012 10:56

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