Basori, Rabaya and Raychaudhuri, Arup Kumar (2023) Self-Powered Photodetector Fabricated from a Single-Charge-Transfer Complex Nanowire Grown In Situ between Prefabricated Electrodes on an Si3N4 Membrane. ACS Applied Nano Materials, 6 (13). pp. 12560-12566. ISSN 2574-0970

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Power consumption in an electronic circuit is one ofthe seriouschallenges that need to be improved to achieve a durable future. Aphotodetector is one such electronic device that consumes a huge externalpower to operate. This motivated the researchers to concentrate onself-powered optical photodetectors that can operate without externalbias. On the contrary, building a device on a transparent film ornanomembrane has great importance in the field of electronic skins,and lightweight and intelligent wearables technology. Here, we havereported the fabrication and characterization of a self-power opticalphotodetector device based on a single Cu:7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethanenanowire (Cu:TCNQ NW) of length & SIM;500 nm and diameter & SIM;50nm. The NW photodetector device was fabricated on a silicon nitride(Si3N4) membrane window (size = 100 & mu;mx 100 & mu;m, membrane thickness & SIM;100 nm) to meet thedemands of a lightweight and transparent technology. The reportedself-powered single-NW photodetector exhibits excellent photoresponsivity(& SIM;5.5 A/W), high detectivity (& SIM; 7 x 10(7) Jones), outstanding external quantum efficiency (& SIM;1.6 x10(3)%), and a large on/off current ratio (& SIM;1.5 x10(2)) at 49 nW optical power. The analysis reveals thatthe contribution is due to photocarrier generation, radial built-in-fieldon the NW's surface, and barrier height reduction during illumination.Self-powered optical photodetectors, in particular, have enormouspotential as novel emerging self-driven optoelectronic devices.

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