Samajdar, Soumita and Bera, Susmita and Das, Pradip Sekhar and Finch, Harry and Dhanak, Vinod R and Chakraborty, Saswata and Maiyalagan, T and Annapurna, K and Ghosh, Srabanti (2023) Exploration of 1D-2D LaFeO3/RGO S-scheme heterojunction for photocatalytic water splitting. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 48 (47). pp. 17838-17851. ISSN 0360-3199

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Sustainable energy innovation is spearheading the way to achieve decarbonisation through commercially viable and highly competitive renewable technologies for green hydrogen. Photocatalytic water splitting has received global attention, as it promotes the direct conversion of solar energy to chemical energy and hydrogen production. Lanthanum orthoferrite (LaFeO3) has been selected due to its narrow bandgap perovskite-oxides (ABO(3)) type nature, low cost and high chemical stability but it is limited with fast charge recombination. To circumvent its constraint of fast charge recombination, an efficient graphene-based nanocomposite has been prepared by employing reduced graphene oxide (RGO) nanosheets as charge separators for visible light driven photocatalytic water splitting. Here, we present a thorough physical and spectroscopic characterization of the Lanthanum orthoferrite/Reduced Graphene oxide (LaFeO3/RGO) nanocomposites, and investigate its photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical performance. The photocurrent density of the nanocomposites demonstrated similar to 21 times higher in comparison to pure LaFeO3. The as-prepared nanocomposites have been successfully used as photocatalysts for H-2 generation through water reduction under visible light. A significant enhancement in H-2 generation has been recorded for nanocomposites (similar to 82 mmol g(-1) h(-1)) as compared to that of bare LaFeO3 (similar to 9 mmol g(-1) h-(1)) which is among the highest values obtained using noble-metal-free graphene-based photocatalytic nanocomposites. This work offers a facile approach for fabricating highly efficient 1D-2D heterostructure for photocatalysis application. Crown Copyright (c) 2023 Published by Elsevier Ltd on behalf of Hydrogen Energy Publications LLC. All rights reserved.

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