Kar, Epsita and Bose, Navonil and Das, Sukhen (2023) Submicron graphite platelet-incorporated PVDF composite: an efficient body motion-based energy harvester for flexible electronics. Carbon Letters, 33 (3). pp. 751-760. ISSN 1976-4251

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The fast expanding field of wearable technology requires light-weight, low-cost, scalable, flexible and efficient energy harvesters as a source of uninterrupted green power. This work reports fabrication of sub-micron graphite platelet/PVDF composite film-based flexible piezoelectric energy harvester (PGEH) for scavenging the wasted mechanical energy associated with human body motion. The addition of graphite platelet leads to the enhancement of electroactive beta phase in PVDF; consequently, the piezoelectric and dielectric properties of the composite are enhanced. 0.5 wt% filler-loaded composite has 96% beta phase fraction and dielectric constant 32 at 100 Hz (tan delta = 0.18).The PGEH produces open circuit voltage of 40 V and instantaneous power density of 3.35 mW cm(-3) with energy conversion efficiency of 22.5% under periodic finger tapping. It can generate fair electrical output under gentle heel (0.8 V) and toe movements (1.2 V). A PGEH is directly employed for powering 50 commercial LEDs and quick charging of a 2.2-mu F capacitor upto 19.2 V. The device is also employed as self-powered dynamic pressure sensor which shows high sensitivity (0.9 VkPa(-1)) with fast response time (1 ms). Therefore, this durable, flexible, efficient PGEH can have promising applications in wearable electronics as a green power source cum self-powered mechanosensor.

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