Sen, Sovandeb and Maity, Sourav and Kundu, Susmita (2022) Fabrication of Fe doped reduced graphene oxide (rGO) decorated WO3 based low temperature ppm level acetone sensor: Unveiling sensing mechanism by impedance spectroscopy. Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical, 361. Art No-131706. ISSN 0925-4005

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Chemiresistive MOS-based acetone sensing device is a futuristic pathway for non-invasive diagnosis of diabetes. Although their potential deployment is restricted till now due to lack of selective, low temperature operated ppm-level sensors. In this work, we demonstrated synthesis of iron doped reduced graphene oxide (rGO) decorated WO3 nanocomposites in a facile, environment friendly wet chemical sol-gel process. The as synthesized nanocomposites were comprehensively characterized by using different characterization techniques. A maximum-78% sensing response was obtained for the optimized composition of-10 wt% Fe doped 3 wt% rGO decorated WO3 based thin film (thickness-700 nm) sensor towards-10 ppm acetone gas. This sensing performance was observed at comparatively low working temperature of -130 ? with fast response (-20 s) and recovery (-75 s) time. The efficacy of the fabricated sensors was established by their capabilities to sense a very low concentration of -1 ppm acetone under similar working environment. Further illustration of versatility of the sensors revealed that, the sensors could be able to manifest a repeatable and reproducible sensing performance with prolong stability and superior selectivity for acetone over other interfering gases. The acetone sensing mechanism was illustrated with the help of electron depletion model and impedance spectroscopy study. Impedance spectroscopy quantifies different electrical properties and enlightens the smooth electronic transition mechanism between analyte and sensing material.

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