Mahapatra, Preeti Lata and Mondal, Partha Pratim and Das, Sagnik and Saha, Debdulal (2020) A Comparative Study on the Moisture Response of Nanoporous gamma-Alumina with Parallel Plate and Micro-Interdigital Electrodes. Journal of Electronic Materials, 49 (2). pp. 1489-1502. ISSN 0361-5235

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Nanoporous gamma-alumina thick films were prepared from its aqueous sol which in turn was prepared from an organometallic precursor. Ethylacetoacetate was added into the sol as a crack suppressing agent. The sensing behavior of the said film was measured in capacitive mode both in percentage relative humidity (%RH) level as well as parts per million by volume (ppm(v)) level moisture present in the gas phase. Two different electrode designs viz. parallel plate parallel electrode configuration (PEC)] and micro-interdigital (inter-digital configuration) were employed for the sensing study. PEC shows superior sensing behavior over the interdigital electrode. The capacitance of the sensor with PE and ID configuration increase from similar to 17 pF to similar to 153 pF and similar to 15 pF to similar to 24 pF, respectively, as the moisture content increased from 2 ppm to 100 ppm. Further, the capacitance of the sensor with PE and ID configuration increased from similar to 151 pF to similar to 963 pF and similar to 97 pF to similar to 521 pF, respectively, as moisture content increased from 5% to 60%RH. Schematic and equivalent circuit diagrams for both electrode designs were invoked to explain the achieved superior sensitivity. In addition, the fabricated gamma-alumina thick film based capacitive moisture sensor in parallel plate electrode geometry demonstrates low hysteresis (similar to 10 pF at 60%RH and similar to 0.8 pF at 50 ppm(v) moisture content), appreciable repeatability over 15 cycles, prolonged stability for 12 months, robustness, drift-free measurement, impressive resolution, usability at high temperature, magnetic field, radiative and corrosive/toxic gas environment. GRAPHICS] .

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Subjects: Electronics
Divisions: Sensor and Actuator
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Date Deposited: 20 Sep 2021 11:26
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