Kumar, Pawan and Chauhan, Vaibhav and Joshi, Amish G and Pandey, Praveen C (2020) Optical and magnetic properties of terbium doped zinc oxide nanoparticles with lithium as charge compensator. Optik, 216. Art No. ISSN 0030-4026

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Rare earth doped ZnO continues to be a topic of interest since the current predominating semiconductor (ZnO) nanomaterials is tending towards limited functionality. The present study has been conducted to investigate the role of Li concentration (0.25-1.0%) on optical and magnetic properties of sol-gel derived Tb (1%) doped zinc oxide nanoparticles, which is useful in ZnO based optoelectronics devices. The XPS result ascertained the oxidation state of all elements in the samples. The absorption study demonstrated the encroachment in the visible region up to 600 nm with the incorporation of Li1.0% in Tb-doped zinc oxide. The photoluminescence ana-lysis is used to demonstrate the enhancement in Tb related peak with Li (0.5%) co-doping con-centration. Magnetic measurement indicates the weak ferromagnetic behaviour in synthesized doped ZnO samples, while pure zinc oxide shows small diamagnetic response with a contribution of ferromagnetism. The non-magnetic lithium ions stabilize the cation vacancies and support the magnetic nature of terbium. Tuning of properties in rare earth doped ZnO without change in rare earth (Tb) doping concentration has been obtained by co-doping of Li. The specific properties can be used in different electro-optic and magnetic devices.

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Subjects: Engineering Materials
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Date Deposited: 05 Feb 2021 07:02
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