Debnath, Radhaballabh and Sahoo, R (2004) Oxyboron complexes of C(60)-fullerene: a new direction in fullerene chemistry. Current Science, 87 (7). pp. 975-981. ISSN 0011-3891

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A series of oxyboron and (bismuth)-oxyboron addition complexes of fullerene have been synthesized by solid-state reaction between C(60) and a (zinc, bismuth) borate glass at 650-700degreesC under argon atmosphere. Boron ions of different network chains of the glass were found to add to the incorporated C60 via oxygen-bridge, where the bismuth oxide of the glass acted as a promoter. The complexes remained encased in the matrix of the glass, imparting a green colour to the latter. The complexes attached to the relatively smaller unit of boron/bismuth-boron chains, were possible to extract out by eluting a powdered sample of the composite with toluene, and were then characterized by UV-VIS-NIR absorption, mass and IR studies. The linkages between the boron ions of different network chains and the incorporated C(60) thus formed, were found to make the glass more stable and a better electrical conductor.

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