Annapurna, K and Dwivedi, R N and Kundu, P and Buddhudu, S (2004) Red and green luminescence properties of Eu3+ and Tb3+: ZrF4-ZnF2-AlF3-BaF2-YF3 glasses. PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF GLASSES , 45 (3). pp. 173-177. ISSN ISSN: 0031-9090

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We report on the development and photoluminescence analysis of Eu3+ or Tb3+ containing 20ZrF(4).30ZnF(2). 25AlF(3).10BaF(2).14YF(3)glasses. An intense red emission at 611 nm (D-5(0)-->F-7(2)) has been measured with lambda(exci) = 396 nm (F-7(0) --> L-5(6)) from the Eu3+ glass together with four other emissions located at 574, 588, 651 and 700 nm, belonging to D-5(0) --> F-7(J = 0,1,3,4) respectively. Judd-Ofelt parameters (Omega(lambda)) have been evaluated for the Eu3+ doped ZZABY fluoride glass in order to estimate the values of the transition probabilities (A), total transition rate (SigmaA) and branching ratios (beta) of emission transitions. Similarly for the Tb3+ glass, a prominent green emission has been recorded at 544 nm (D-5(4) --> F-7(5)). Apart from this, three other emissions were noticed at 488, 587 and 614 nm due to the transitions of D-5(4) --> F-4(J = 6,4&3) with lambda(exci) = 228 nm (F-7(6) --> K-5(7)). These emissions arise from the intra-4f(n) electronic transitions. The decay curves of the red and green emissions from the corresponding Eu3+ or Tb3+: ZZABY fluoride glasses have been measured for evaluating their lifetimes. Emission mechanisms displayed by these visibly luminescent glasses have been explained in terms of energy level diagrams.

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