Mandal, Ashis Kumar and Mandal, B and Illath, Kavya and Ajithkumar, T G and Halder, A and Sinha, P K and Sen, Ranjan (2018) Preparation of colourless phosphate glass by stabilising higher Fe[II] in microwave heating. Scientific Reports, 8. Article No-6195. ISSN 2045-2322

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Iron impurity in raw material remains a major challenge in producing colourless glass. In this investigation, we report microwave (MW) heating capable of altering Fe-redox ratio (Fe2+/Sigma Fe) enabling preparation of colourless phosphate glass. The effect of Sn concentration in retention of FeII] in glass melted in MW was compared with conventional glasses. Colourimetric study developing Fe2+-ferrozine colour complex reveals Fe-redox ratio >= 0.49 required to obtain colourless phosphate glass. In microwave heating, addition of 1 wt.% Sn metal powder can impart the desired effect whereas addition of 1.9 wt.% Sn metal powder is required in conventional heating. The correlation equation of Fe-redox ratio with concentration of Sn metal is found to be different in microwave and conventional heating. Thus, exploiting this different redox changes in MW heating optical properties can be tailored. Preservation of higher FeII] in MW melted glass is also confirmed by XPS and TGA. P-31 MAS NMR spectra suggest that transition from cross linked ultra phosphate to linear polymer metaphosphate network in incorporation of Sn is found different in glass prepared adopting microwave irradiation. (27)A1 MAS NMR spectra suggest higher relative content of Al6+ in glass obtained from MW heating. Energy consumption analysis revels 3.4 kWh in MW heating while 14 kWh in conventional glass melting using resistance heating. Further, glass melting in MW can be completed within 2 h unlike similar to 5 h needed in conventional. MW heating plays a significant role in improving properties to make colourless phosphate glass in addition to significant energy and time saving.

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Subjects: Glass
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Date Deposited: 03 Sep 2018 12:07
Last Modified: 17 Jan 2020 05:31

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