Singh, Vijay and Chakradhar, R P S and Rao, J L and Kwak, Ho-Young (2011) Investigations on green-emitting, Mn(2+): BaAl(12)O(19) phosphors obtained by solution combustion process. Journal of Materials Science, 46 (11). pp. 3928-3934. ISSN 0022-2461

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Manganese-doped BaAl(12)O(19) green phosphor was prepared using a self-propagating (combustion) synthesis. Powder X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy were used to characterize the as-prepared combustion product. A room temperature photoluminescence study shows an emission line at 513 nm corresponding to a transition from the upper (4)T(1) -> (6)A(1) ground state of Mn(2+) ions. The electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectrum exhibits six line hyperfine structure at g = 1.981. From the EPR spectrum, the spin-Hamiltonian parameters have been evaluated. The g value indicates that the site symmetry around Mn(2+) ions is distorted tetrahedral. The number of spins (N) participating in the resonance for g = 1.981 is measured as a function of temperature. The paramagnetic susceptibility (chi) is calculated from the EPR data at various temperatures. From the plot 1/chi versus T, the Curie constant (C) and Curie paramagnetic temperature (theta(p)) have been evaluated and discussed.

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Subjects: Physical Properties
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