Reddy, B Sudhakar and Buddhudu, S and Rao, K S R K and Babu, P Naresh and Annapurna, K (2008) Optical Analysis of Er3+:Boro-Fluoro-Phosphate Glasses. Spectroscopy Letters, 41 (8). pp. 376-384. ISSN 0038-7010

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This paper deals with the preparation and optical analysis of Er3+ (0.2mol%) boro-fluoro-phosphate glasses in the following glass compositions: Series A: 69.8 B2O3-10 P2O5-10(ZnO/CdO/TeO2)-10 AlF3 Series B: 69.8 B2O3-10 P2O5-10(ZnO/CdO/TeO2)-10 LiF Measured Vis-NIR absorption spectra of Er3+:boro-fluoro-phosphate glasses have revealed nine absorption bands at 377nm, 405nm, 450nm, 486nm, 519nm, 543nm, 649nm, 973nm and 1529nm, which correspond with the transitions of 4I15/24G11/2, (2G9/2,4H9/2), 4F5/2, 4F7/2, 2H11/2, 4S3/2, 4F9/2, 4I11/2, and 4I13/2, respectively. With an excitation at exci=375nm, a bright green emission (4S3/24I15/2) at 547nm has been observed from these erbium glasses. Judd-Ofelt characteristic intensity (=2, 4, 6) parameters are obtained from the absorption spectra, and these results were used to compute the radiative properties of Er3+:boro-fluoro-phosphate glasses. The NIR emission (4I13/24I15/2) at 1547nm from these glasses was measured with an Ar+ laser (514.5nm) as an excitation source.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Er3+glasses; optical analysis
Subjects: Glass
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