US13260415A, CSIR-CGCRI, India (2014) Method for fabricating rare earth (RE) doped optical fiber using a new codopant. 8649650.

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A rare earth (RE) doped optical fiber is fabricated by depositing pure silicon dioxide (SiO 2 ) or phosphorus pentoxide-fluorine (P 2 O 5 -F) doped synthetic cladding within silica glass substrate tube to obtain matched or depressed clad type structure; forming core by depositing unsintered particulate layer; soaking tube containing porous soot layer into solution containing RE salt with barium; collapsing tube to obtain preform; jacketing preform with silica tubes of suitable dimensions; and drawing fibers from the preform, where barium oxide is used as codopant to control RE incorporation.

Item Type: Patent
Uncontrolled Keywords: fabricating, rare earth, doped, optical fiber,codopant
Subjects: Basic Science
Divisions: Fiber Optics and Photonics
Depositing User: Mrs Ruma Chakraborty
Date Deposited: 27 Sep 2016 10:13
Last Modified: 16 Apr 2018 10:25

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