Pal, Mousumi and Das, Swapan Kumar (2013) High Strength Porous Ceramic Tile from Inorganic Wastes and Other Ceramic Minerals. Interceram: International Ceramic Review, 62 (1). pp. 20-24. ISSN 0020-5214

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The effect of iron and steel slag and fly ash additions on the physicomechanical properties, phase, and microstructure of normal porcelain compositions replacing quartz in full and feldspar in part was investigated. Two compositions, varying the amount of slag and fly ash, were prepared and the compacts made out of them were heated in the temperature range of 1100–1180 °C. Both porous and vitrified samples were obtained. The samples heated at 1150 C resulted in 7–9 % water absorption, lower shrinkage (56 %) and superior flexural strength (50–58 MPa) from both compositions. The highly porous sample heated at 1100 °C resulted in 16–18 % water absorption, around 40 MPa flexural strength and shrinkage in the range of 2–3 %. It was interesting to observe that the vitrified samples offered lower flexural strength (40–50 MPa) than the porous samples heated at 1150 °C. These properties were correlated with phase and microstructural observations. Anorthite crystals were present as a major phase in both and the microstructure was highly crystalline.

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