Bradley, D A and Sani, Siti F Abdul and Alalawi, Amani I and Jafari, S M and Noor, Noramaliza M and Azhar, A R Hairul and Mahdiraji, Ghafour Amouzad and Tamchek, Nizam and Ghosh, S and Paul, Mukul Chandra and Alzimami, Khalid S and Nisbet, A and Maah, M J (2014) Development of tailor-made silica fibres for TL dosimetry. Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 104. pp. 3-9. ISSN 0969-806X

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The Ge dopant in commercially available silica optical fibres gives rise to appreciable thermoluminscence (TL), weight-for-weight offering sensitivity to MV X-rays several times that of the LiF dosimeter TLD100. The response of these fibres to UV radiation, X-rays, electrons, protons, neutrons and alpha particles, with doses from a fraction of 1 Gy up to 10 kGy, have stimulated further investigation of the magnitude of the TL signal for intrinsic and doped SiO2 fibres. We represent a consortium effort between Malaysian partners and the University of Surrey, aimed at production of silica fibres with specific TL dosimetry applications, utilizing modified chemical vapour deposition (MCVD) doped silica-glass production and fibre-pulling facilities. The work is informed by defect and dopant concentration and various production dependences including pulling parameters such as temperature, speed and tension; the fibres also provide for spatial resolutions down to < 10 mu m, confronting many limitations faced in use of conventional (TL) dosimetry. Early results are shown for high spatial resolution (similar to 0.1 mm) single-core Ge-doped U sensors, suited to radiotherapy applications. Preliminary results are also shown for undoped flat optical fibres of mm dimensions and Ge-B doped flat optical fibres of sub-mm dimensions, with potential for measurement of doses in medical diagnostic applications. (C) 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Item Type: Article
Additional Information: 1st International Conference on Dosimetry and its Applications (ICDA), Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC, JUN 23-28, 2013
Subjects: Engineering Materials
Divisions: Fiber Optics and Photonics
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Date Deposited: 18 Nov 2014 10:37
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