Balaji, Sathravada and Bose, Saptasree and Debnath, Radhaballabh (2012) Single-walled carbon nanotube/(Pb, Zn)-phosphate glass heterostructure: an optical sensor and efficient photocurrent converter. Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics, 45 (32). Article No-325106. ISSN 0022-3727

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A light-sensitive heterostructure composite of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) and (Pb, Zn)-phosphate glass is synthesized and its spectroscopic and optoelectronic properties are studied. Absorption spectrum of SWCNTs in the composite is quite different from that of its film, which is consistent with our earlier observations that SWCNTs in such a composite suffer stress-induced conformational deformations and band structure modulation. UV/Vis light-induced electron spin resonance (LIESR) spectrum of the composite shows large enhancement of the signal due to the conduction electrons of the SWCNTs and concomitant appearance of a new signal in the lower field region with g = 2.45 and peak-to-peak half width Delta Hpp = 9.0mT, which is attributable to the lead hole (Pb3+). A phenomenon of creation of charge separation in the system due to the light-induced Pb3+ holes formation by releasing electrons from the interstitial Pb2+-sites and capture of those photo-generated electrons by the SWCNTs in the system, is thus observed. Similar LISER experiments using separately only UV (230-400 nm) and only Vis-light ( > 400 nm) demonstrate that the composite has good response to the UV and near visible light. Photoconduction studies, on the other hand, indicate that the SWCNTs, which exist in the system with a quasimetallic band structure, act as an efficient medium of transport for these charge carriers. The material thus shows the prospect of being used as a solar photocurrent converter.

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