Das, T and Sanyal, A S and Mukerji, Joydeb (1995) Comparison of the diffusion behavior of sodium and iron in oxide and oxynitride glass pairs in the yttrium aluminosilicate system. Physics and Chemistry of Glasses, 36 (4). pp. 191-193. ISSN 0031-9090

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Diffusion coefficients of Na and Fe in a glass pair in the system SiO2Y2O3-Al2O3, having the constant atom ratio Al:Y:Si as 1:1 . 36:2 . 32 but one containing 8.09 at% N were determined by the residual activity method using the respective radioisotopes. The composition of oxynitride glass is similar to that formed at the grain boundary of Si3N4 ceramics sintered with Y2O3 and Al2O3 as additives. Both the values of D-Na and D-Fe were always greater in the nitrogen free glass than in the nitrogen containing glass. Values of the other diffusion parameters do not follow any general trend. Diffusivities in the temperature range 690-920 degrees C were D-Na=3.39 x 10(-11) exp (-52.9 kJ/RT) and D-Fe=4.17x102 exp (-356.7 kJ/RT) cm(2)/s in the oxynitride glass while in the oxide glass the respective values were D-Na=1 0x10-8 exp(-91 kJ/RT) and D-Fe=2 5x10-8 exp(-123 kJ/RT). It appears that diffusion occurs through interstitials both for Na and Fe in the oxide glass and for Na in the oxynitride glass while a switchover to vacancy mechanism takes place for the diffusion of Fe in the oxynitride glass.

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