Jana, Sunirmal and Kundu, Paritosh and Karmakar, Basudeb and Dwivedi, Ravindra Nath (2002) FTIR spectroscopic study of anomalous behaviour of lead borate glasses. Glass Science and Technology, 75 (S). pp. 326-329. ISSN 0946-7475

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Lead borate glasses in the system, xPbO-(100-x)B2O3 (where x=20 to 65 mol%) have been prepared by using lead (II) carbonate basic and H3BO3 and melted in silica beaker in the temperature range of 650degrees-920degreesC. The molar volume of glasses has been calculated from density measurement following Archimedes method and the plot of molar volume versus content of PbO (in mol%) showed a gradual decrease of molar volume with increasing PbO content upto similar to35 mol%, remained nearly constant from similar to35 to 48 mol%, gave a broad inflation from 48 to 57 mol% and after that it increased steadily. This anomalous behaviour of lead-borate glasses have been explained with the help of FTIR spectral study in the frequency range of 2000-400 cm(-1). Peaks area of trigonal BO3-and tetrahedral BO4-groups in the absorption frequency regions 1600-1090 cm(-1) and 1090-740 cm(-1) respectively due to their stretching vibrations have been calculated and fractions of the BO3- and BO4- groups obtained therefrom. A plot of the fraction of BO3-groups versus PbO content (mol%) was nearly identical with molar volume vs PbO(mol%) curve, indicating the change of molar volume due to the fraction of BO3-group present in the glass network. A weak absorption at about 600 cm(-1) of isolated BO33- ion appeared in the 47.5PbO-52.5B(2)O(3) glass which shifted to higher frequency region and became prominent with further increasing PbO content appears to play a partial role in the anomalous behaviour of lead-borate glasses.

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Additional Information: 7th International Otto Schott Colloquium, FRIEDRICH SCHILLER UNIV, JENA, GERMANY, JUL 07-11, 2002
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