Annapurna, K and Dwivedi, Ravindra Nath and Kumar, A and Kundu, Paritosh and Karmakar, Basudeb and Chaudhuri, A K and Hussain, N S and Buddhudu, S (2002) Upconversion green emission and 1.5 mu m infrared emission in Er3+ doped 60ZnO.2OB(2)O(3).19SiO(2) glass. Physics and Chemistry of Glasses, 43 (1). pp. 20-24. ISSN 0031-9090

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This paper reports the preparation and optical analysis of the Er3+ doped 60ZnO.20B(2)O(3).19SiO(2) glass. The up-conversion emissions at 526, 549 and 665 nm of this Er3+ glass have shown significant changes in their intensities depending oil the infrared excitation wavelengths (814 and 975 nm) employed as the pump sources. It has been found that 975 Inn excitation has generated an intense green upconversion emission compared to that of 814 nm excitation this could be because of a significant contribution from both ESA and CET mechanisms within and between neighbouring Er3+ ions in the glass matrix. By illuminating this glass with a laser diode (980 or 810 nm) a bright green colour was noticed through an upconversion process. The upconversion results demonstrate its suitability as a promising green colour display glass system upon pumping at 975 or 814 nm. In addition an NIR emission at 1.53 mum has also been measured with an Ar+ laser (488 nm), By measuring the absorption spectrum, Judd-Ofelt intensity parameter's such as Omega(lambda) (lambda = 2, 4, 6) have been computed, With these results electric dipole line strengths and the spontaneous emission probabilities to different emission transitions have been computed by using the Judd-Ofelt theory. The measured life time (tau(m)) of the infrared emission (1.53 mum) has been correlated with the radiative lifetime (tau(R)) evaluated from the absorption results. By considering the ratio magnitude of these two quantities, the glass quantum efficiency (eta%) factor has been obtained in order to evaluate its emission performance in the near infrared region.

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