Ghosh, Arnab and Debnath, Radhaballabh (2009) Judd-Ofelt analysis of Er(+3) activated lead free fluoro-tellurite glass. Opticals Materials, 31 (4). pp. 604-608. ISSN 0925-3467

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A series of lead free fluoro-tellurite glasses containing different concentration of Er(2)O(3) were prepared and the optical properties of the best luminescent sample (1 g mol% of Er(2)O(3)) have been investigated by Judd-Ofelt theory to judge its suitability as practical photonic material. Three intensity parameters Omega(2) = 4.935 x 10(-20) cm(2), Omega(4) = 3.148 x 10(-20) cm(2), Omega(6) = 1.745 x 10(-20) cm(2) of the ion in the glass, were determined from the optical absorption data, which were used to calculate the parameters like the radiative transition probabilities (A(r)), radiative life-times (tau(f)), fluorescence branching ratios (beta(c)) and the integrated emission cross-section (Sigma sigma) of its different transitions. Experimental optical absorption intensity and the calculated values of oscillator strength (P), suggested that the Er(+3) ions in the glass can most effectively be excited by (4)I(15/2) -> (4)G(11/2) (376 nm), (4)I(15/2) -> (4)F(7/2) (486 nm) and (4)I(15/2) -> (2)H(11/2) (519 nm) transitions while calculated spontaneous emission rate (A(r)) values showed that strong visible emissions at 650 nm and 546 nm should occur, respectively, through ((4)F(9/2) -> (4)I(15/2)) and ((4)S(3/2) -> (4)I(15/2)) transitions and NIR emissions at 1532, 1222, 974 and 838 nm, respectively, through ((4)I(13/2) -> (4)I(15/2)), ((4)S(3/2) -> (4)I(11/2)). ((4)I(11/2) -> (4)I(15/2)), and ((4)S(3/2) -> (4)I(13/2)) transitions. The spectroscopic data indicate that the present glass is a prospective photonic material for practical applications in the visible and NIR region. (C) 2008 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Er(+3) in tellurite glass; Judd-Ofelt analysis; Spectroscopic properties; Promising photonic material
Subjects: Glass
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